Best colors for marketing automation

Color creates beautification and creates a sense of belonging. Different colors have a different effect on the attitude and the step a visitor will take. An email campaign in just black and white is boring and monotonous; a touch of color adds glamor and aesthetic value to the Email campaign. Business experts admit that a marketing solution with some color addition has an increase in the number of visitors to the website. Let us look at how different colors and their effect on the psychological perspective in the recipient of a marketing solution


Blue is a conservative color common among renowned brands. It gives an impression of peace, efficiency, and reliability. The coolness and the effect of distance help to maintain professionalism and tranquility. An Email campaign with a blue color shows a state of balance in maintaining a state of balance between the brand and the benefits. Customers will trust your brand because of the blue color which is less shouting.


Red is a color which shows urgency in action. Getting a red button blinking means you need an urgent action. What happens when you see a red image in an email campaign, raises your adrenaline levels which prompt an increase in blood circulation to various body organs which further makes the heart to pump at a faster rate than normal. All these help to develop the passion for the advertised product. The color itself makes a visitor take a step of faith to just be sure of what the lead pages and the content page entail.


This is a color associated with the environment; use this color for marketing strategies that deals with nature. They have an instant view since it directly affects the subject matter. Imagine an Email campaign on the best tree seedlings, then the newsletter is in red color. It brings discordance on the theme of the company and the product.


Black is a universal color associated with power and authority. When you use black color in different shades gives a professional angle of the company.


Grey means vintage when you want to communicate an old brand in a digital solution. Grey will communicate that in a timely manner. In addition, it helps to make one be comfortable with the product since the company has effectively gone through the teething problems and it is now stable in service provision.


White is a neutral color, in a digital platform it may not give the right function since the color of the screen is in white. In other areas, it helps to show cleanliness and purity in a brand. A white dress should be handled with care since any slight dirt affects the entire dress that is the effect of white color in making of brands.

You can opt to use a single color or multiple color, if you use more than one color let them have a uniform impression without having a clash of information. Reviews from Gedlynk have illustrations of the best use of colors in marketing automation.


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