The Basics Colors on Barbaque Smokers

After years of using barbecue grills we eventually got bored and smoking became the new trend. While this was initially daunting, over time it has become easier thanks to the invention of smokers that made the whole process manageable to even the average Joe. There are two types of smokers. These are the Charcoal Smoker and the Pellet Smoker.

Charcoal Smokers were the first smokers to be invented.These are relatively easy to use. You put charcoal pieces in a coal pan then light them.Once all the pieces are burning you place a baking pan almost full of water on the pan.Once the water boils place a wire rack on top and place the meat on top of it.The meat should me covered with spices so as to add flavor to your dish. After this you should cover the smoker with the lid.You should avoid opening the smoker unnecessarily until the meat is cooked. This is because ever the cooker uses indirect heat and every time you open the cooker a lot of heat is lost. Charcoal smokers are available at major retail stores.They come in several designs and colors.The different colors of charcoal smokers include : black,grey, silver,coal and orange.

The latest trend is to cook and smoke meals with pellet smokers. While the concept is similar to the Charcoal Smoker, the pellet smoker provides automatic heat regulation hence providing the user with a more convenient barbecue.It has a feeding system where controlled amounts of pellet are fed to the burner hence maintaining a constant temperature.This allows the user to watch television or even take a nap during the cooking process as they are assured of no burning. Pellet cookers work like conventional ovens hence there is no fear of uneven cooking.This makes it easy to smoke chickens as well. If you are still looking for bbq flavor you can add wood chips such as cherry to induce flavor on to the meat

Just like the Charcoal Smoker, the Pellet Smoker comes in several different colors such as black, grey and silver. But if this gets boring you can use different colors and types of paints and arts in Pellet Smokers. Rustolium Paints makes specially designed paints for grills.These can withstand the high levels of heat smokers are exposed. You can also hire a professional to give your Pellet Smoker a custom job.

The Pellet smoker has evolved to where there are models of Electric smokers for athletes and professional chefs alike. These guarantee Pro- level results for all users. These are digital smokers that automatic regulation and hence make it easier to smoke meat.

Amazon is featuring Top brands of smoker grills ranging from $15 to $3000. The different designs include: Offset, Stove Top and Bullet style smokers. Buying these smokers is incredibly easy as they are found in major online retail stores so you can place an order and have them shipped and delivered to you by mail. Hence mail buying of offset smokers is as easy as ordering clothing online. You should definitely get a Smoker for yourself.

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